Our Philosophy!

We at Rajani Group strongly believe in our principles of quality & service. Considering this, we have drafted our philosophy on the following 3 parameters:

Strong Customer Orientation

We believe that customer is the reason for our existence and the only guarantee to our future and Mahatma Gandhi had rightly equated a customer with “GOD” and exhorted the management to worship him because "he is the purpose of your business". Keeping this in mind Rajani Group Of Industries works in close coordination with its customers. We seek continuous feedback regarding our products from our customers and make improvements/modifications wherever required. We aim at maximum customer satisfaction by providing them with “Best Quality Products At Reasonable Price”.

Employee Friendly Culture

The success and existence of any organisation lies in the hands of its employees. We at Rajani Group believe that all its employees play a very crucial role in the survival and growth of Rajani Group and human resource is considered as the most valuable resource for wellbeing of the company. Therefore, we have created a family type environment where every employee feels cared for. It is ensured that every employee derives pleasure and satisfaction from the job entrusted to him / her. No one is treated as an employee in Rajani Group rather all are treated as family members and we have named our family as “Rajani Parivar”.

Sharp Focus On Product Quality, Safety and Hygiene

“Rajani” has emererged as a brand in such a short span of time is mainly because it always believes in supplying quality products and that too at reasonable prices. Right from the top management to the worker at the lowest level believes in supplying quality products. The company adopts good manufacturing and storage practices and has set up approved and proven systems and procedures to maintain such stringent standards. The company has acquired certifications namely ISO 9001:22000 and FSSAI as its commitment towards product quality, hygiene and safety.